CLJ Major Questions

When do I have to declare a major in the college of LAS?

You must declare a major upon completing 60 credit hours.

When can I declare a CLJ major?

You can declare the CLJ major when you apply for admission to UIC (effective Fall 2015) or at any point after admission.

How do I declare a CLJ major?

To declare the CLJ major after admission to UIC, visit a Social Science Advisor on the eighth floor of University Hall (see “Advising” for further instructions) to fill out the “change of major” form. The Social Science Advisor will approve the major declaration and file the form with LAS.

How long does it take for my CLJ major to appear on my DARs report?

It can take up to a semester. After that go and talk to an advisor in LAS.

What are the CLJ major requirements?

Required Classes

  • CLJ 101 Introduction to the Justice System
  • CLJ 200 Law and Society
  • CLJ 210 Principles of Criminal Law
  • CLJ 220 Criminology
  • CLJ 240 Criminal Justice Organizations
  • CLJ 261 Research Methods I
  • CLJ 262 Research Methods II

Choose one of the following courses:

  • CLJ 345 Police and Society
  • CLJ 350 Courts and Society
  • CLJ 355 Punishment, Prisons and Corrections

3 Electives at the 300 or 400 level

  • One of these courses will be linked to CLJ 301 WID

How many credits do I need to complete CLJ major?

33 credits

Can I use CLJ 395 (Internship) or CLJ 399 (Independent Study) to meet major requirements?

Yes, 3 credits of CLJ 395 may be used meet to major requirements. It can be used as ONE of the “3 elective courses at the 300 or 400 level.” In addition, up to 3 credits of CLJ 399 may be used toward fulfilling major requirements. CLJ 399 can be used as ONE of the “3 elective courses at the 300 or 400 level.”