Double Majors and Requirements

I took my methods sequence in my other major, do I have to take CLJ 261 and CLJ 262?

No. Your methods sequence meets the CLJ major methods requirements. You DO have to make up the 6 credits by enrolling in any CLJ classes not already counted toward completion of major requirements, however. Although you will have fulfilled the methods sequence requirement for the CLJ major, taking the methods sequence in your other major to fulfills the CLJ methods sequence course requirement will leave you 6 credits shy of completing your 33 credit hours.

What are the equivalencies between CLJ 261/262 and other social science disciplines?

  • CLJ 261 = SOC 300; CL262 = SOC 201
  • CLJ 261 = PSCH 242; CLJ 262 = PSCH 343
  • CLJ 261 = COMM 301; CLJ 262 = COMM 201
  • CLJ 261 = POLS 200; CLJ 262 = POLS 201

I took a WID course in my other major, do I have to take a WID class in CLJ?

No. You only need to take one WID class to meet university requirements. You can do it in any major. BUT CLJ’s WID course (CLJ 301) is linked to a 400 level CLJ course. CLJ 301 is a 0 credit class taken S/U. It is linked to one of our 400 level 3 credit courses. This class counts as 1 of the 3 required elective courses that you MUST take at the 300 or 400 level to complete the major.