Graduation Audits & Declaring Intention for Graduation

I am getting close to graduating. When is the best time to meet with my major advisor to evaluate my progress in the major?

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their major advisor the semester BEFORE their intended last semester. For example, if a student plans to graduate at the end of Fall semester, he or she should make an appointment for a graduation check the Spring semester prior. This ensures a thorough, quality audit and allows time for the advisor to prepare appropriately.

Can I get an audit during drop-in advising?

You can get a quick DARS review during drop-ins. This is not the same as a full degree audit. Full audits are only conducted during 30-minute appointments.

How do I make an appointment for a graduation check?

Contact LAS Academic Advising Center at 312-996-3366 or stop by 301 UH to make an appointment. Please be aware that during peak advising times (such as the opening of a registration period or the start of a semester), appointments will be harder to come by. Please plan accordingly.

When do I declare my intent to graduate?

Students typically have until the 1st week of their final semester to declare their intention to graduate. The application is found on the student self-service portal/myuic.

Am I required to get an audit or see my advisor to declare my intention to graduate?

No. You can declare online without seeing an advisor. We do, however, strongly recommend students make an appointment for an audit during the semester prior to their anticipated final semester.

Where can I learn more about LAS graduation and commencements?

For more information about LAS graduation and commencements, visit: