Transfer Student Questions

How do I declare a CLJ major?

Visit a Social Science Advisor on the third floor of University Hall (see “Contact Information” below for further instructions) to fill out the “change of major” form. The Social Science Advisor will approve the major declaration and file the form with LAS.

How long does it take for my CLJ major to appear on my DARS report?

It can take up to a semester; after that, check with an LAS advisor about the status of your declaration.

How many classes do I need to take in the CLJ Dept. to graduate?

Transfer students MUST complete 18 hours in the CLJ Department.

I have completed coursework in the major at a two-year college. Is there a way to anticipate which CLJ-related classes will be accepted by UIC as course equivalencies (i.e., as counting toward CLJ major requirements)?

Yes. Go to Trasnferology to look up which classes taken at two-year colleges will be credited by UIC as counting toward completion of college or major requirements. There is no similar web site for students transferring to UIC from another four-year institution. Transfer equivalencies from four-year institutions will be determined after you apply to UIC.

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