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CLJ’s Drs Edna Erez & Peter Ibarra Named Editors in Chief of Oxford University Press’s Encyclopedia of International Criminology

"Criminology in the 21st century has gone global. It has increasingly been drawn to thinking and research that addresses criminological matters in international, transnational, and comparative registers. Issues at the intersection of criminology/criminal justice and social forces, economic policies, political conflict, national security concerns, legal changes and reforms, environmental issues, legacies of colonialism, technological developments and more are best understood when framed as global phenomena. The Oxford Encyclopedia of International Criminology includes state of the art essays that offer critical reviews of scholarship - including theoretical, empirical, and methodological work - on crime and victimization and the social and legal responses that both receive; historical, social, cultural, legal, and interpretive processes underlying crime and justice; problems of equity and social transformation that increasingly drive debate and discussions of policy, international law, and political activism. The contributors are established and highly distinguished academics as well as emerging scholars whose work is having an impact on their respective fields. They are an international cast of writers drawn from both the Global North and Global South, representing multiple disciplinary orientations, as well as interdisciplinary perspectives. Aside from covering the major issues in their subject areas and incorporating useful bibliographies, the authors offer guidance on how to further explore the various aspects of the topics. The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Criminology will prove helpful to students, scholars, and the informed public interested in learning about cutting edge issues in the study of crime and justice in a comparative, global context." - The Oxford Encyclopaedia of International Criminology

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