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CLJ Faculty at Chicago for Socialism Conference

CLJ Faculty Lead Presentations at Chicago for Socialism

Dr. Beth E. Richie, presented on two talk tracks: Abolition. Feminism. Now., and Teaching Toward Freedom from Behind the Bars: Last weekend, she joined leading scholar-activists reflecting on the often unrecognized genealogies of queer, anti-capitalist, internationalist, grassroots, and women-of-color-led feminist movements that have helped to define abolition and feminism in the twenty-first century.

Dr. Liat Ben-Moshe, Resisting Carceral Sanism: Dr. Ben-Moshe, spoke last weekend on the increasing wave of policies and legislation, from Eric Adams’ stance on involuntary hospitalization to Gavin Newsom’s Care Courts, who seek to criminalize madness and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She joined writer Leah Harris, along with facilitator Beatrice Adler-Bolton of the Death Panel podcast, for a discussion on why it is so critical for the left to work against these policies, and how to understand the politics of what she has termed “carceral sanism.”

Here are links to their respective talks! Dr. Richie starts at 40 minutes in, and Dr. Ben-Moshe starts at 14 minutes in.