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Undergraduate Studies

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Criminology, law, and justice is a social and behavioral science field of study that selects crime, law, and the criminal justice system for its subject matter. Using social science methodologies, the program examines the nature, extent, and causes of crime in various settings, the impact of crime on victims and society, and both formal and informal responses to crime. These responses include individual and community reactions, the investigation of crimes and arrest of offenders by the police, and their prosecution, defense, and adjudication by the courts; and an array of sentencing and correctional outcomes. The nature and effectiveness of criminal justice reform efforts are also studied.

The degree prepares graduates for a broad range of professional roles in the criminal justice system, as well as the broader legal system. It also serves as entry to graduate programs of criminal justice and related research and professional programs such as law, sociology, public administration, paralegal studies, and various social services.