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How do I find money for my studies?

Office of External Fellowships

The Office of Special Scholarship Programs (2506 UH) is available to help you find and apply for scholarships. This handout will direct you to online descriptions of awards that can start your scholarship search. You can start by checking out the website and reviewing the application requirements. If you want help with the application process or are applying for an award that requires a nomination, contact Special Scholarship Programs for help with applying. (312) 355-2477 or


UIC Scholarships

Avery Brundage Scholarship: Good students, athletics a part of their growing up, not necessarily a career.
Deadline: Late January

Scholarship Association for UIC: Approximately 40 different awards with varying eligibility criteria ranging from $500 to $5000 in value.
Deadline: Mid-February

Liberal Arts and Sciences: Eighteen separate scholarships ranging from $500 to $10,000 with varying eligibility criteria.
LAS Scholarships
Deadline: Early March

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Awards for under-represented minorities of $2000 for undergraduates and $5000 for graduates at UIC.
Scholarships for Continuing Undergraduates
Deadline: Early April

External Scholarships for Unrestricted Majors: For Sophomores and Juniors

Goldwater: Provides up to $7500 for one or two years of undergraduate study for students interested in research careers in math, science or engineering.
UIC Deadline: Nov. 16; National deadline: Jan. 29

NSEP: Provides need-related funding up to $20,000 for study abroad programs in non-English speaking countries outside western Europe for students interested in government careers
UIC Deadline: Dec. 4: National deadline: Feb. 10

Truman: Provides up to $30,000 toward graduate study for students interested in future careers in leadership roles in public service
UIC Deadline: Nov. 16; National deadline: Jan. 2

Udall: Provides up to $5000 for one year of undergraduate study for students committed to careers related to the environment, or for Native American students, the same amount for students planning careers in tribal policy or healthcare
UIC Deadline: Dec. 1; National deadline: Feb. 4

Pickering: Provides tuition, room/board and fees for 2-3 years of undergraduate study for students planning careers in international relations.
Deadline: February 6

Hispanic Scholarship Fund: $1000 to $5000 award for students pursuing first undergraduate or graduate degree.
Scholarships, Hispanic College Fund
Deadline: February 18

J.W. Saxe Prize: Twelve $2000 awards in support of public service projects or no-pay/low-pay internships in public service for undergraduate or graduate students.
Deadline: March 15

McKelvie Scholarship: Several $1000-$2000 awards for undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in government.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus: $2500 award for undergraduates and $5000 for graduate students who show excellent leadership potential.

External Scholarships for Unrestricted Majors: For Graduating Seniors

British Scholarships: June 1 is the priority deadline for seeking a nomination for the British awards. The interview is in early September. National deadlines are in early October.

Rhodes: Two years of study at Oxford

Marshall: Two years of study at any British university

Mitchell: One year of study at any Irish university

Gates Cambridge: 1-4 years of study at Cambridge (no university nomination needed)

Fulbright: One year of study/research in one of over 140 countries, or one year of English teaching in over one of over 40 countries
UIC Deadline: Sept. 11; National deadline: Oct. 19

Soros: Scholarship stipend of $20,000 and 1/2 tuition grant for up to two years of graduate/professional study for “new Americans” (immigrants and their children)
National Deadline: Nov. 1

NSF: provides funding for up to three years of graduate study in math, science, engineering and most of the social sciences.

Rangel: Funding for two years of graduate study including internships for students committed to the foreign service.
Deadline: Late January

Pickering: Funding for two years of graduate study in international relations with a commitment to joining the foreign service.
Deadline: Early February

Madison Scholarship: Funding for graduate study for students planning to teach American history or government at the high school level.
Deadline: March 1

UIC Scholarships

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