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Photo of Stephens, Ash

Ash Stephens

CLJ Bridge to Faculty Post-Doc

Criminology, Law, and Justice

Pronouns: he/him, they/them


Building & Room:

4074 BSB


Ash Stephens is a Bridge to Faculty Postdoctoral Scholar of Criminology, Law and Justice. Dr. Stephens holds a PhD in Criminology, Law and Justice with concentrations in Black Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Guided by an abolition feminist framework, his work is focused on the range of ways that trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary people are policed and surveilled in society, the experiences and consequences of that policing and surveillance, and strategies that trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary people use to resist.

Their research interests include queer criminology, transgender studies, queer of color critique, surveillance studies, critical prison studies, gender-based violence, and prison industrial complex abolition and activism.

They are also a board member with the Transformative Justice Law Project and a volunteer with the Chicago Community Bond Fund. Several of their public-facing writings can be found in TruthoutIn These Times, and The Advocate.

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Stephens, A. The “Bad Parents”: Gender-Policing of Trans, Gender Nonconforming, and Nonbinary People in U.S. Families. Journal of Family Violence (2023).

Walker, A., Petersen, A., Wodda, A., Stephens, A. (2022) Why Don’t We Center Abolition In Queer Criminology? Crime & Delinquency.

Walker, A., Valcore, J., Evans, B., and Stephens, A. (2021) Experiences of Trans Scholars in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Critical Criminology.

Book Chapters

Stephens, Ash. “How Much Do My Black Life Matter? A Conversation with CeCe McDonald and Ky Peterson – Edited and Introduced by Ash Stephens. (2022). Haymarket volume “Abolition Feminisms, Volume 1: Organizing, Survival, & Transformative Practice” by Alisa Bierria (Editor), Jakeya Caruthers (Editor), Brooke Lober (Editor)


Ph.D., Criminology, Law, and Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago
M.A., Criminology, Law, and Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago
B.S., Criminal Justice, Georgia State University