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Edna Erez, PhD

CLJ Faculty

Criminology, Law, and Justice


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4014A BSB


1007 W Harrison St.

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(312) 996-5262


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Erez vita May 2021



Professor Erez has a law degree (LL.B.) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and MA in Criminology and PhD in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. She received over two million dollars in state and federal grants in the U.S. and overseas to study victims in the criminal justice system, the use of technology in criminal justice, and terrorism related topics. Dr. Erez was a visiting professor or research fellow in universities and research centers in Australia, Germany, Poland, India, and Israel. Her publication record includes over 100 articles, book chapters and research reports. She is past editor of Justice Quarterly and Associate Editor of Victims and Violence, and is currently Co- Editor of the International Review of Victimology, and Co-Chief Editor of Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Criminology. She also serves on editorial boards of several other scholarly journals in criminology and legal studies. Her current research interests include victim participation in justice, violence against women including migrant women and women in mixed relationships, and gender and terrorism.

Selected Publications


  • Erez, E and Laster K (eds) (2000) Domestic Violence: Global Perspectives. London: AB Publications.
  • Erez, E., Kilchling, M. and Wemmers J.(eds)(2011) Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Victim. Participation in Justice: International Perspectives Carolina Academic Press.


  • Edna Erez (1999) Who is afraid of the big bad victim: Victim impact statements as victim empowerment and enhancement of justice, Criminal Law Review, (July): 545-556.
  • Edna Erez and Shayna Bach (2003) Immigration, Domestic violence and the Military: The Case of ‘Military Brides’ Violence Against Women, 9(9): 1093-1117.
  • Edna Erez and Peter R. Ibarra (2007) Making your home a shelter: Electronic monitoring and victim re-entry in domestic violence cases. British Journal of criminology, 47(1):100-120
  • Edna Erez, Madelaine Adelman and Carol Gregory (2009) Intersections of immigration and domestic violence: Voices of battered immigrant women. Feminist Criminology, 4(1): 32-56
  • Paul Cassell and Edna Erez (2011) Victim Impact Statements and Ancillary Harm: The American Perspective. Canadian Law Review, 15(2): 150-204
  • Kathy Laster and Edna Erez (2015) Sisters in terrorism? Exploding stereotypes. Women & Criminal Justice, 25 (1/2): 83-99
  • Julie Globokar and Edna Erez (2019) Conscience and convenience: American victim work in organizational context. International Review of Victimology, 25 (3): 341–357


LL.B. Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M.A. Criminology, University of Pennsylvania
Ph. D. University of Pennsylvania