Photo of Matoesian, Gregory M.

Gregory M. Matoesian, PhD


Director of Graduate Studies

Criminology, Law and Justice


Building & Room:

4060B BSB


1007 W Harrison St.

Office Phone Voice:

(312) 996-7971

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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications


  • Matoesian, Gregory M. 2001 Law and the Language of Identity: Discourse in the William Kennedy Smith Rape Trial. New York: Oxford University Press. 267pp
  • Matoesian, Gregory M. 1993 Reproducing Rape: Domination through Talk in the Courtroom. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. (Chicago Series in Law and Society edited by John Conley and William O’Barr). 256pp



  • Matoesian, Gregory M. (2013) Language and Material Conduct in Legal Discourse. Journal of Sociolinguistics 17, 5: 634-660.
  • Matoesian, Gregory M. (2012) Gesture’s Community: Social Organization in Multimodal Conduct . Language in Society 41, 3: 365-391.
  • Matoesian, Gregory M. (2008) Role Conflict as an Interactional Resource in the Multimodal Emergence of Expert Identity. Semiotica.171, August: 15-49.


PhD University of Missouri-Columbia