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Photo of Martensen, Kayla Marie

Kayla Marie Martensen

PhD Student

Criminology, Law, and Justice

Pronouns: Sher/Her/Hers


Kayla Marie Martensen (she/her) is a doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois Chicago in the Criminology, Law and Justice department and an instructor at Loyola University Chicago, where she teaches classes related to punishment, race, gender, and social justice. Her areas of interest include critical carceral studies, feminist abolition, prison abolition, gender violence and youth studies. Currently, Kayla’s research focuses on the intersect of punishment and service as it relates to system involved Latinx/a young women. In a forthcoming publication, prison is not feminist, service is not liberation, Kayla highlights the theoretical framework of this current study by critiquing expansion of carceral logic and practice into community agencies and ‘non-punitive’ residential placements.