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Photo of Kyle, Zachary

Zachary Kyle

PhD Student

Criminology, Law, and Justice

Pronouns: he/him/ѐl


Zachary is a carceral abolitionist from Saint Louis, where he was the data manager and program coordinator for the Organization for Black Struggle’s community violence intervention program, Project Haki, in the 22nd Ward.

His interests include carceral/police abolitionist theory and politics, intersectional forms of activism and state resistance, the microecology and politics of solidaristic/liberatory communities, and social theory (i.e. critical race, feminist, queer). Currently, he is focused on the formation of radically inclusive, free or ‘impossible’ communities – a concept from communitarian anarchist thought. These self-dependent communities are engaged in mutual aid and collective practices, often arising from a variety of structural problems, such as interpersonal violence, neoliberal policies, carceral/police violence, political neglect, or simply a lack of resources from the state. Zachary is interested in how these beloved communities can inform the ‘positive’ component of abolition – building new futures from the ground up – while simultaneously deconstructing and resisting the state.


BA, Kansas Wesleyan University
MBA, Kansas Wesleyan University
MPhil, University of Cambridge