Photo of Muchow, Ashley

Ashley Muchow

CLJ Faculty

Criminology, Law, and Justice

Criminology, Law, and Justice


Building & Room:

4014B BSB

Office Phone:

(312) 413-3030


Assistant Professor

Dr. Muchow’s work broadly considers how law and policy affect the lives of minority and immigrant populations. Her research uses quantitative data analysis and applied econometrics to examine the social implications of restrictive immigration policy and the modern leveraging of the criminal justice system to identify, detain, and deport non-citizens. Her dissertation research used theories of social stratification and racial/ethnic inequality to disentangle how enforced exclusions and the criminalization of immigrants stymie integration and jeopardize public safety. She completed her PhD in Policy Analysis in 2019 at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Her research has been supported by the Jim Lovelace Foundation, the John Randolph Haynes Foundation, and the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy.


Research interests
Immigration policy and criminal law; Crimmigration; Urban economics; Social and economic inequality; Racial/ethnic disparities; Health and education equity