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William McCarty, PhD

CLJ Faculty, Director of the Center for Research in Law and Justice

Criminology, Law, and Justice


Building & Room:

4014C BSB


1007 W Harrison St.

Office Phone:

(312) 355-0837

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William McCarty CV


Associate Professor


Selected Publications

McCarty, William P.  (2013).  An Analysis of Gender Differences in Burnout
among Municipal Police Sergeants.  International Journal of Police
Strategies & Management, 36, 803-818.

McCarty, William P, Jihong “Solomon” Zhao, & Ling Ren.  (2012).
Determinants of Police Strength in Large U.S. Cities during the 1990’s: A
Fixed-effects Panel Analysis.  Crime and Delinquency, 58, 397-424.

McCarty, William P.  (2010).  Trailers and Trouble?  An Examination of
Crime in Mobile Home Communities.  Cityscape: A Journal of Policy
Development and Research, 12, 127-144.


PhD University of Nebraska

Selected Presentations

  •  McCarty, William P.  (2013).  Interagency Differences in Police Stress and
    Burnout: Patterns and Predictors.  American Society of Criminology in
    Atlanta, November 2013.
  • McCarty, William P., Lawrence, Daniel S., and Cho, Chris.  (2012).  Coping
    with a High-Stress Environment: A Longitudinal Look at Police Recruits.
    American Society of Criminology in Chicago, November 2012.