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Center Staff Heading link

William McCarty Center Director
Susan Hartnett Center Associate Director
Stacy Dewald Doctoral Research Assistant
Georgina Enciso Doctoral Research Assistant
Justin Escamilla Doctoral Research Assistant
Kathy Lorenz Doctoral Research Assistant
Stephen Taylor Doctoral Research Assistant

Faculty Affiliates Heading link

Edna Erez
Paul Goldstein
Peter Ibarra
Christine Martin
Joseph L. Peterson
Stephanie Riger
Heather Risser
Dennis P. Rosenbaum
Paul Schewe
Sarah Ullman

Research Affiliates Heading link

Scholars from other universities who are actively involved in Center research:
Lorie Fridell University of South Florida
Rachel Johnson Alder University
Stephen Mastrofski George Mason University
Jack McDevitt North Eastern University
Wesley Skogan Northwestern University
Donald Stemen Loyola University Chicago

Past Center Directors Heading link

Dennis P. Rosenabum 1989-1995, 2002-201X
James "Chip" Coldren Jr. 2000-2002
Jess Maghan 1996-1999
Michael D. Maltz 1985-1989
Joseph L. Peterson 1979-1985
Hans W. Mattick 1972-1978