What We Do

The Center seeks to improve the practice of criminal justice, promote social justice, and improve public safety through the collection of justice-related knowledge and the translation of findings into evidence-based practice. The Center pursues a number of distinct objectives to realize this goal, including:

  • Securing external funding for Center research and service projects
  • Producing scholarly and applied research findings
  • Developing collaborative relationships with criminal justice and community agencies to advance knowledge and practice
  • Creating opportunities for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas
  • Serving as a training laboratory for students, post-docs and junior faculty
  • Disseminating new findings and ideas emanating from Center research, and
  • Providing education, training and technical assistance to agencies in the public safety arena.
  • Through the seamless integration of research, teaching, and public service, the Center has been successful at achieving each of these objectives over the past four decades.