Registering for Classes

Why can’t I register for a class that shows available seats?

Open seats are likely showing because the class has been cross listed with another discipline, like Sociology or African American Studies, that has been allocated a share of seats. It’s also possible that the class you are trying to enroll into has been designated as a graduate section, in which case those open seats are not available to undergraduates.

Can the class be made larger so that I can register for it?

We cannot add extra seats for individual students. Please check the schedule of classes everyday during the first two weeks of the semester to see whether seats have become available in the class that interests you.

The registration screen says I need “permission to enroll.” How do I get that?

The permission will be entered into the system by a Social Science Advisor, on the Third Floor of University Hall. If you aren’t sure whose permission is required, please contact one of the Social Science Advisors for further instructions. Remember that after the Social Science Advisor has entered your permission into the system, you still are responsible for registering for the class. The Social Science Advisor cannot register you for a class.